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Co-Packing & Sample Packing

Co-packing & Sample Packing refers to contract packaging, whereby the contract packager offers to provide a customized packaging service to its clients.

Co-packing & Sample Packing does not involve the production of packaging; i.e. the contract packager is not a manufacturer, but rather a service provider. Co-packing & Sample Packing centers on the contract packager’s ability to provide a customized solution to fit the needs of a business unable or unwilling to handle its own packaging requirements.

Customers who are likely to make use of a co-packing & sample packing service provider include manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, exporters, transporters, wholesalers and retailers, among others. In each case, co-packing & sample packing clients will find it more cost-effective to outsource their packaging requirements to the expert contract packager and focus on their core businesses.

Of utmost importance in effective co-packing & sample packing is the packaging company’s expertise in providing the right packaging solution for any given product. This requires an understanding of the market in which the product will compete, as well as a thorough knowledge of the conditions in which it will be handled, carried and stored.

Co-packing & Sample Packing thus relies heavily on the contract packager’s expertise, industry experience, industry network and unrestricted access to the relevant technical equipment and raw materials.

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